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Providing compression garments to ease the financial burden of low-income lymphedema patients.

Improving the quality of life for people living with lymphedema.

The Compression Fund is a Non-Profit Organization that funds compression garments for low-income lymphedema patients. Since proper care for lymphedema symptoms is vital, we believe that all effected by this disease should have access to proper care, regardless of their financial situations.



Our Story

The Compression Store has been seeing lymphedema patients since our opening in 1998.
Many middle-class customers have well-paid insurance plans that cover the cost of their lymphedema garments. On the other hand, the lower-income patients, usually with compromised insurance plans, regrettably receive no coverage for their garments. Being in the compression field has exposed us to the unfortunate reality that many lymphedema patients avoid ordering the necessary compression garments due to the financial strain it puts on them.
For these reasons, we have launched Compression Fund to ensure that no lymphedema patient is left without the proper garments that are so desperately needed to manage their condition.

Lymphedema Facts

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Compression garments & Lymphedema

How compression garments improve the lifestlye of lymphedema patients?

Application Process

1. Application

1. Application

Beneficiary submits an application, along with the necessary documentation to The Compression Fund

2. Evaluation

2. Evaluation

The Compression Fund’s management team evaluates the application thoroughly upon submission. Acceptance is based on the following:

a. These garments are medically necessary as per the patients’ doctor/ therapist
b. We evaluate the existing health insurance policy to ensure that coverage is not provided
c. Determination is made to ensure that the financial assistance is genuinely needed

3. Approval & Funding

3. Approval & Funding

Once approved, patient is measured for the prescribed garments. At checkout, they pay 50% of the total balance and the Fund pays the remaining 50% (up to $500, per 365 days).

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"I am a patient at MSKCC and was recommended upper extremity custom day & night time garments. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to The Compression Fund for the assistance with coverage since my Medicare insurance wouldn’t pay for these."
Maria B.
"You’ve enabled me to obtain the compression garments that were out of reach for me till now. These truly make a difference to my everyday life. Thank you, The Compression Fund!"
Susan M.
"I am a breast cancer survivor and long-time lymphedema patient. Every year I struggle saving up money to purchase the compression garments. May you be blessed for all you do!"
"My 9-month-old baby was born with hereditary lymphedema and we were clueless with how will be able to afford these costly garments. Thank you, Compression Fund, for making this possible."
A Grateful Mom

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